Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saskatoon... Welcome to the Promised Land!

My dear husband and I took a quick trip the Saskatoon this past weekend. This was my first visit to Saskatoon and I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the city is. Rows and rows of well-kept historic houses, a lovely downtown located beside an even more lovely river valley, capped off with a miniature Whyte Ave-type street called Broadway.

One of the first things I noticed when we arrived was Saskatoon's lack of blood sucking mosquitos. After weeks of being eaten alive in Edmonton it came as a welcome reprieve - but I couldn't understand how Saskatoon had been spared from the little vampires. Until the moment when I looked to the sky and saw an army of giant blue dragonflies - zipping around and eating all the mosquitos! It was fantastic! I started asking local people where all their dragonflies came from and I was told by one person that the City of Saskatoon actually farms dragonflies for the purpose of mosquito control. What? Really? Brilliant! It's so smart, so simple and so eco-friendly. Once I confirm this as truth I will be in contact with my own municipality and urge them to do the same.

I've strayed from my original point though. On Broadway there is a restaurant / pub called Lydia's. We went in hoping for a burger and a beer and what we got was a beer that came with a FREE burger and fries. Crazy! No mosquitos AND a free dinner? Saskatoon - I love you!

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