Friday, July 22, 2011

Saskatoon... part deux!

There was an actual reason for us to visit Saskatoon last weekend - although the free dinner was almost worth the trip on it's own. Saskatoon was hosting a water sports festival called Wake-Ride, and as part of the festival bands were booked to play during the evening hours. On Friday night Foam Lake (a fantastic band from Saskatoon, and our new best friends, The Dudes and Broken Social Scene played. A pretty great line-up, and well worth the 5 hour drive.

The show was very intimate (to say the least) so the view was good from everywhere, but our new best friends from Foam Lake invited us to watch Broken Social Scene from back stage. It was pretty amazing to see such a great band play from such close range. That, the dragonflies and the friendly people of Saskatoon made it a perfect night.

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