Sunday, February 5, 2012

Little Walter One-Eye

I haven't posted anything new in a while, and that's mainly because what's new is sad. Just after Christmas our old friend Walter passed on. It's been a month of grieving, and trying to figure out the new rhythm of our lives without him.

At the same time I was dealing with losing Walter I was also trying to work on the 2012 edition of my Art House Co-op Project. I was having a difficult time starting, and an even more difficult time staying on theme. The following is what I wrote as my intro to my sketchbook - followed by my drawings.

"The theme that I chose for my sketchbook was 'Long Trips and Short Phone Calls.' I had good intentions when I chose this theme. I was going to include sketches from my summer travels along with excerpts of text messages from home. However, when I reached the point when I was going to start sketching, my beloved pug Walter passed away. Losing Walter has brought me immeasurable sadness - I loved him so deeply and completely. So I have decided to side-step my chosen theme and instead sketch my old friend, and do my best to capture his rich character and spirit in my drawings."