Friday, April 8, 2011

Identity crisis

I built this teapot to be a teapot. It has a teapot spout, a handle and a lid. It holds tea, like any other teapot would. The thing that it does not do however, is pour. You see, I thought I was being clever when I built it. I thought I would make a tea strainer - by making a bunch of tiny holes to pour through so that loose leaf tea would be caught. I knew it was a risky move - I knew there was a chance that the glaze would run and fill those tiny holes. I tried to compensate - I wiped away most of the glaze from around the holes. All that work, all that planning. All for nothing. Because, it happened. When the teapot was firing that the glaze did in fact run and it did in fact fill the tiny holes. So now my teapot is no longer a teapot. Now my teapot is a vase. And now I have to make another teapot - for my Grandma's birthday present. Now only a few weeks away....

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