Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cathy, you changed my life!

I attended the Image Transfer workshop yesterday and it more than exceeded my expectations. I went hoping to learn how to make and apply decals to my pottery but I learned so much more. It's funny because I have wanted to learn about image transfer for a while now, and I bought a number of books and did a bunch of online research hoping to learn the secrets of the trade. The problem was that everything I read seemed SO complicated and that intimidated me.

Cathy Terepocki has developed some simple and easy methods for image transfer - without using harsh chemicals like many others do. She taught us 6 processes that I'm sure will become the new foundation of how I think about the design and decoration of my own pottery. I'm super excited to try them!!

Sarah has posted detailed instructions on her blog about the methods we learned in the workshop. Thank you Sarah - I'm sure I'll be using your blog as a reference tool once I get going!

The lovely and talented Cathy Terepocki has a website that is currently under construction but she said it would be up and running very soon. I'm sure it will be full of more beautiful inspiration.

Monoprint Tissue Transfer
Lino printing on clay
Screen printing
Plaster printing

Underglaze resist
Screen printed tissue transfer

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